Pineville North Carolina Real Estate

Welcome to Pineville, North Carolina, just eight miles south of Charlotte in the heart of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC County. The area attracts people from all over the country, with its thriving business community, charming downtown PineVILLE and an active adult community enjoying living in a small town. Located in an area with a population of about 2,000 people and a strong economy, the activities in Pineville NC are diverse and residents enjoy a variety of activities such as shopping, dining, entertainment, shopping and much more.

Find the best of both worlds in Pineville with a thriving retail center located off Carolina Place Mall, with more than 100,000 square feet of shopping and dining options for all ages.

If you are an owner and are looking for services you can use for leasing or working with a less experienced broker, Carod Properties can help you. We offer a wide range of options that are suitable for anyone who wants to buy, rent or rent a house. Along the way, countless local homeowners and investors rely on our Ashglen Real Estate team to help them navigate the buying and selling process of real estate while keeping more money in their pockets and helping them save on their monthly mortgage payments.

Our Pineville homes are offered in styles ranging from Victorian to colonial, and some were built like no other in Pineville properties. Some of our PineVILLE houses for sale were built in the late 19th century, early 20th century or even mid 19th century, and some of them have been completely renovated.

The Pineville neighborhood is full of Pinewood properties that are a part of Pineville's history. If you are in the market for a home with all the amenities and locations you desire, there are many affordable options for properties for sale in our neighborhood.

The Ashglen Real Estate team has what you need to make your Pineville North Carolina home search as easy and time-consuming as possible. We can help you sell your house quickly and at a high price without high prices to the right buyer by making it effortless on your terms. They are willing to help you get the best deal without having to worry about the details.

Please contact us to learn more about Pineville North Carolina Real Estate and the area around you and your area.

You can also get a free app that allows you to search for apartments at any time of day and from anywhere. You can set the purchase price of your home when you join our rental-to-home program, and depending on how much you value your home, the price stays the same and you have built up years of equity whether you rent or own a home. If you may soon own a property, any improvements you make to increase the value of the property will help you build up more equity. As your property improves, so will your equity and prices , so that you can build up equity for a year before renting or owning your home.

We are very happy with the Hendrix team and recommend it to family and friends who decide to move to the Charlotte area. We wish Chad the best of luck in selling property, only to find out if there might be a move again. Hendax Properties is a strong offer for people moving to or from the Charlotte area!

We know what it's like when it comes to a REALTOR in Pineville North Carolina, you have to make some tough decisions. We recommend Hendrix Properties to help you with your life - and to change your move to the Charlotte area.

We help you to get a good price for your house by doing your research and by addressing the seller and agent with a solid price and justification for that price, even if it is below the asking price. It is very clear that you are going to make sure to get your house ready, but forget to sell it in a short time for a top dollar on the market. We find excellent professionals and all kinds of real estate agents because we have known the area so well since we lived in Germany. Helps you find your dream home and helps you get good prices for the house without doing any research or having to turn to the seller / estate agent with solid prices and a justification behind those prices if the price is above the asking price!

We found the Hendrix Properties website and were impressed by how useful it is and how easy it was to find and search for our specific needs. Chad offers great advice on where to look and what to look for, and we greatly appreciate its expertise in this area and market conditions. After we talked about what we wanted in our house, we came across a reasonable number of listings that we could look at and with all the available properties that we had at the time to match our needs. Jenny is responsible for everything that needs to be done before the deal is completed, whether it is inspections, appraisals, discussions with mortgage lenders, other parties or agents, etc. Once we have a contract and are contracted, she is responsible for everything from the government to discussions with the mortgage lender and other parties.

More About Pineville

More About Pineville