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Pineville is a small town in North Carolina, USA, in the eastern part of the state, south of Charlotte and north of Raleigh. Although the area's growth was mainly motivated by the introduction of highways in the area, the shopping mile does not require a car, and many freestanding retailers and restaurants open their doors to the public at night.

If you want to interact with the campers as a volunteer on an excursion, you must go through a level 2 background screening and be released. Of course, the open days are meant to enable you to meet the employees, visit the location and ask questions.

We have a typical daily calendar list for each place, which you can find on this page. We are looking for places where we publish the daily and weekly activities for this special camp.

All planned excursions are paid for, so please understand that we will refund or leave the money for the excursion to you if you decide to do so. If you plan an excursion, everything will be paid for and all your money from it will be refunded or left over if you decide to do so.

The first time you are late to pick up your child, you must contact the police by law. If you do not pick up your children after 30 - 60min, you will be charged $10 per 10min they stay in the camp.

We welcome parents as companions on excursions, but ask you to accompany your child only. Please note that all proceeds from the field trip will go to the site of the event and ALM Sports will not receive any of the proceeds. You can drop off your children at any time from 7: 30 am and ask to pick them up at 6: 00 pm in a foam. Your own transport will take you to and from the place of the excursion, please keep this to yourself.

Pineville is served by Pineville Medical Center, a 206-bed acute care unit opened in 1987. Next to the historic log cabin are the main house and the cooking house, the log barn and the barns. Guided tours with a costumed guide and a guide for children and adults of all ages are possible.

At the 2000 Census, 744 families lived in the city with a median household income of $38,843. 19.9% had children under 18 years of age, 31.1% were married couples living together, 10.0% had a housekeeper without a husband and 54.4% were non-family.

The median income of a family at the 2010 census was $45,500, compared with $39,843 at the 2000 census and $38,721 in 2000. The poverty line is $18,000 for families with children under 18, including the median income of all households in the city, which is $38,261, according to the Census.

The age range of the Pineville population is between 18 and 49 years, with the average age according to the census being 35 years. The racial composition of the city is 80.05% white, 10% black, 2% brown, 1% Hispanic and 0% other.

The area of old Pineville was a busy business district, but the railroad wanted a more modern name, so the new name "Pineville" was inspired by the large pine tree population in the area. The old station, the first of its kind in North Carolina, was located at the intersection of Pine Street and South Main Street and had a huge meadow where animals could graze for trade and transportation. Children can be organized in groups if they are in the same building or room and their friends can share.

The houses are no longer standing, but the original huts from that time are kept there, symbolic of those who were born. Pineville was created after the inauguration of the new state site that houses the North Carolina Museum of Natural History.

In 1852, the Charlotte-Columbia railroad passed through Pineville, the city's first step into the modern world. In the years that followed, it exploded in what is now North Carolina's largest shopping street.

More About Pineville

More About Pineville