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The North is pet friendly and is close to many of the best restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in Pineville North Carolina.

Wingate in Rock Hill welcomes two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $25 per stay. Charlotte Arrowood welcomes a dog of all sizes (2-4 years old) and a pet at no extra charge ($35 plus tax per night). Charlotte SouthPark welcomes up to two pets of any size for a stay of more than $100, and Charlotte NorthPark accommodates two dog sizes for the same price.

Charlotte NorthPark and Charlotte SouthPark, both in Rock Hill, accept up to two pets of any size (2-4 years old) for $150 plus taxes for longer stays.

Le Meridien Charlotte welcomes two pets up to 80 lbs, for an additional fee of $100 per stay, not exceeding 150% of your stay. America Charlotte in Pineville also welcomes two pets of any size for extended stays for $150 plus taxes for longer stays (no more than 150 + pets). The Westin Charlotte also offers two dogs (nearly 50 lbs) for a stay of at least 60 days for less than $200 and may not exceed 150% + a stay of more than 150 animals; and the Le Meridsien in Charlotte received two animals (closer than 50 lbs) and two cats (up to 100 lbs) for 50 + for shorter stays. Two pets of any size are welcome at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Rock Hill, Charlotte NorthPark and Charlotte SouthPark, for additional fees of over 100% for stays, plus taxes.

Candlewood Suites Charlotte University welcomes two pets of any size for an additional $35 plus tax per night. Charlotte Northlake accommodates up to two pets (closer to 50 lbs) and two cats (more than 50 lbs) for an additional fee of over $100 per stay, plus taxes for longer stays (no more than 150 + pets). The Pet Policy "Place with a Pet Policy" welcomes pets of all sizes, from small dogs to large cats and from large pets to small pets.

Pineville is being treated at Charlotte Northlake Medical Center, a 206-bed acute ward that opened in 1987. Continuecare is a stand - 40 beds in a modern facility alone - designed to treat seriously ill and medically complex patients.

The Pineville shopping district does not require a car, although its growth was mainly motivated by the introduction of highways in the area. This is not all that bad, considering that there are a number of furniture stores in this area that offer new designs as soon as they become available. If this journey is not in your future, many shops, even outlets, have online stores where you can order furniture.

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